Adsorption Dryers

The Prob­lem

Com­pressed air is a com­mon­ly used pow­er source. Over the years it became a cru­cial part of a wide range in indus­tri­al process­es. How­ev­er, com­pressed air after com­pres­sion is not clean and con­tains impu­ri­ties like water, oil, dirt, wear par­ti­cles and so on. This mix­ture cre­ates a form of con­den­sate which dam­ages down­stream equip­ment like air tools, pneu­mat­ic cylin­ders and oth­er pneu­mat­ic equip­ments. It also caus­es high prod­uct rejects, high main­te­nance and cost­ly air leaks in com­pressed air sys­tems. The use of high­ly effi­cient com­pressed air fil­ters and con­den­sate drains will remove a lot of these impu­ri­ties and can elim­i­nate most of the prob­lems down­stream.

For many appli­ca­tions this is not enough. These appli­ca­tions need an even high­er lev­el of com­pressed air qual­i­ty. AFE’s com­pressed air adsorp­tion dry­ers des­ic­cant dry­ers will pro­vide this lev­el of air qual­i­ty at the point where the qual­i­ty is need­ed with­out invest­ing a large amount in cen­tral­ized purifi­ca­tion sys­tems which are often not need­ed because only cer­tain areas of the pro­duc­tion process need that high qual­i­ty air.

The Solu­tion

The AFE’s Series of com­pact des­ic­cant air dry­ers offers users the air qual­i­ty at the point where it is need­ed. Uti­liz­ing a reli­able tech­nol­o­gy, the com­pressed air adsorp­tion dry­ers pro­vide the secu­ri­ty to run the process with­out inter­rup­tion and to have safe and reli­able oper­a­tions of down­stream machines and air tools.

This series comes with installed pre- and after­fil­ter, des­ic­cant fill and a reli­able PCB con­troller with indi­ca­tion lights to mon­i­tor the oper­a­tion. The PCB con­troller is ready build in and only has to be con­nect­ed to an elec­tri­cal pow­er source and com­pressed air inlet/outlet. Option­al­ly avail­able is a dry­er run/stop dry con­tact as well as a load con­trol sys­tem for ener­gy sav­ings.

C-HDDN Series

Adsorption Dryer

C-HDADN Series

Adsorption Dryer

HDD Series

Adsorption Dryer

VEHDD Series

Adsorption Dryer

This series of com­pact des­ic­cant air dry­ers will meet the require­ments of ISO 8573.1 Class 1.2.1 as a stan­dard. High­er qual­i­ty class­es based on request are avail­able.