Condensate Management

AFE Auto Drain

AFE auto drain for the removal of small and mid­size amounts of con­den­sate from com­pressed air fil­ters, for non-aggres­sive con­den­sates and for work­ing pres­sures up to 16 bar. The drains are installed direct­ly to fil­ter hous­ings, from which the con­den­sate has to be removed (inter­nal auto drain). Sev­er­al con­nec­tions are avail­ble for the instal­la­tion in both the AFE Air­fil­ter Engi­neer­ing hous­ings and to the com­peti­tors fil­ter hous­ings.

Zero Loss Condensate Drain

In com­pressed air sys­tems con­den­sate and the con­t­a­m­i­nants con­tained in it can cause con­sid­er­able dam­age to the com­pressed air lines, pro­duc­tion machin­ery, pro­duc­tion batch­es or with­in pro­duc­tion process­es if not prop­er­ly han­dled. The tasks of con­den­sate drains is to remove the con­den­sate from the pres­surised air sys­tem safe­ly and at low expense.

Zero Loss Con­den­sate Drains with lev­el con­trol ensure loss free con­den­sate dis­charge. Zero Loss Con­den­sate Drains with diaphragm valve dis­charge con­den­sate reli­ably. Con­den­sate drainage via a diaphragm valve with large cross-sec­tion ensures that con­t­a­m­i­nants are flushed out and thus ensures fault-free oper­a­tion of the valve. At the same time, the con­den­sate is pre­vent­ed from form­ing an emul­sion that would need expen­sive con­den­sate treat­ment. Zero Loss Con­den­sate Drains with alarm con­tact mon­i­tor con­den­sate drainage All ESD Zero Loss Con­den­sate Drains comes with volt free alarm con­tact.

Features and Advantages

  •  Non-wear­ing mag­net­ic core lev­el con­trol for opti­mised and loss free dis­charge of con­den­sate
  • Inte­grat­ed dirt screen between lev­el mea­sure­ment and drain valve to pro­tect the diaphragm valve with alarm mon­i­tor­ing
  • Diaphragm valve with large cross-sec­tion and con­den­sate pilot con­trol
  • Volt Free Alarm Con­tact