Air­fil­ter Engi­neer­ing (AFE) prod­ucts car­ry the CE mark, hav­ing com­plied with the require­ments of the Euro­pean Pres­sure Equip­ment Direc­tive, PED 2014/68/EU.

AFE uses the best mate­r­i­al to give you a very high qual­i­ty to price ratio – with­out hav­ing to pay an astro­nom­i­cal amount of mon­ey, cus­tomers can get a high qual­i­ty prod­uct made from robust mate­r­i­al which are test­ed and cer­ti­fied.

Fil­ter ele­ments being the most impor­tant part of the fil­tra­tion process are always made with pleat­ed media to give larg­er sur­face area for fil­tra­tion. The caps are made of alu­minum and the sup­port sleeves are made of stain­less steel. In AFE we believe that qual­i­ty mate­r­i­al makes qual­i­ty prod­ucts.