AFE Airfilter Europe

I. Riebow

Man­ag­ing Direc­tor

B. Schenk

Man­age­ment Assis­tant

A. Gappa

 Sales Man­ag­er Ger­many

S. Zeidler

 Sales Sup­port

A. Zupanc

 Head of Order Pro­cess­ing

K. Müller

 Order Pro­cess­ing

M. Masbach


L. Vilgis


M. Schram


M. Biallas


U. Drexelius

 Head of Ware­house Logis­tics

R. Henk

 Ware­house Logis­tics

AFEP Airfilter Europe Produktionsgesellschaft

V. Ortjohann

 Pro­duc­tion Man­ag­er
& Gen­er­al Man­ag­er

A. Mohren

 Order Pro­cess­ing

B. Christian

Pro­duc­tion & Logis­tics

R. Boge